Dungeon 23 - 01/01/23

  01/01/23 - Main Entryway Stairs carved into a cliff lead up to a hidden plateau. Grand stone double doors are flanked by two statues of a creature with the bottom half of a fish and the upper body of a goat. The doors only open once a year on the day of a new year, but there is a hidden crawlspace nearby that can be used to get around but makes entry into the first room via the ceiling. The crawl space potentially houses something nasty.  The rest of the entryway is a ruined garden of dead and overgrown plants.

OSE Class - Tourist

This is my silly half-baked attempt at bringing the Tourist class from Nethack, which is inspired by Terry Pratchett's character Twoflower into OSE, enjoy?...! Tourist Class Requirements: None Prime requisite: n/a - cannot gain bonus XP Hit Dice: 1d4 Maximum level: 9 Armour: Any Weapons: Any Languages: Alignment, Common, Foreign  Tourists start out with lots of gold (suitable for shopping with), a credit card, lots of food, some maps, and an expensive camera. Most monsters don't like being photographed. Starting Gear All Tourists start with the following equipment 1d10 x 100 starting gold pieces Credit card - "do you take card?"  Tour Guide Map - decreased chance of losing direction, mostly outdated Hawaiian shirt conferring no benefit   Expensive camera with 1d100 shots - minimum 30  Save or be stunned for a round a Towel    Empty rations eaten on the way here, whoops One born every minute Shopkeepers recognize Tourists below level 5 as suckers and charge them

Fortunes of Ravenloft

I am running I6 Ravenloft in OSE soon, I wanted to use the Tarokka deck but the original adventure doesn't actually use it at all so I have transplanted some of the Tarokka deck onto the playing cards so I can still use them as a handout in the game rather than just using playing cards. Fortunes of Ravenloft Location of the Holy Symbol - Draw one card from Places and Modifiers This card is a symbol of great power. It tells of a powerful force for good and protection against the forces of darkness. Location of the Tome of Strahd - Draw one card from Places and Modifiers This card tells of history. Knowledge of the ancient may help you understand a foe. Location of the Strahd von Zarovich - Draw one card from Places and Modifiers This is the object of your search! I see darkness and evil behind this card! It is a powerful man whose enemy is light, and whose powers are beyond mortality! Location of the Sunsword hilt - Draw one card from Places and Modifiers This card is good for you.

Monsters from Ravenloft I6 converted for use in OSE

Barovian Villagers The Barovians and their ancestors have lived in this valley for as long as anyone can remember. Their lives are deeply imbedded in their homes and their traditions . They are, by nature, very wary of strange peoples and customs, almost to the point of paranoia. Armour Class                9 [10] Hit Dice                          2 (9hp) Attacks                           1 × weapon (1d6 or by weapon)  THAC0                          18 [+1] Movement                    120’ (40’) Saving Throws              D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (1) Morale                          6 Alignment                    Neutral Number Appearing      1d8+2 Treasure Type              S Unlucky: Villagers following the party in the castle cause encounters on a 1, 2, 3, and 4. Paranoid: Distrustful of strangers, new ideas and concepts to the point of being rude. Insight against Vampires: They know how to destroy vampires and the "The Devil Strahd" put a curse over the land because of some

Ganister's Guide to Adventuring #1

In world pamphlet of info for my players, I'll use this to explain some rulings of my games at times but generally want to keep to void of that if possible and just use this to give a bit of advice to them from time to time. Welcome ye to Ganister's Guide to Adventuring #1. Me aim is to provide assistance to those choosing a life of adventure. In side ye shall find information most useful when facing danger in the depths of dungeons and beyond. Doors Come in all shapes and sizes, locked and unlocked.  Doors are typically not trapped unless maybe an intruder is expected.  Does the door have gaps and holes? Peek an eye through or use a mirror under the gap for an extra look! Knowing which way a door opens is important, if the door swings towards ye then at least one person can usually hide in the hinge side corner for a sneaky approach. Doors can be braced, pinned, and trapped. I've also seen wizardry used to heat up the door handle. Doors are a common place for combat to occ

Into the Borderlands - The Goblin Caves

 I am currently running Into the Borderlands for my main group. Were using TaleSpire this time to shake things up a bit, and we are using OSE ruleset with a few tweaks here and there. The party made their way to the Caves of Chaos and we ended the session just before they venture into cave D. Cave D is full of Goblins but in the spirit of hacking things up I'd like to make Goblins a little more boisterous, icky and downright disgusting. These Goblins want nothing more than to strip you of your fingernails and toenails. They want to urinate in your porridge with their disgusting steaming streams of acidic piss. They wear clothes made from a random mishmash of trash and objects pilfered from the corpses of men. In short they are little bastards who have no qualms about sneezing rotsnot in your face and stabbing your loved ones in the back. I will be using reaction rolls on the night so none of this will probably go in any direction I am expecting! The Rooms 17 - 21 The Goblin section

Quick and Dirty Dungeon Generation

  Arrange some squares in a grid, assign them numbers that can correlate dice along the axis. How you proceed from there is up to you really as this is meant as a brainstorming tool. You can roll dice to decide where corridors might be, or perhaps roll 2 dice and see where they intersect for encounters, treasure, or anything really. You can also ignore the dice and go free form.  Don't be afraid to have dead space in the dungeon or rooms that are inaccessible, or if you want just throw in a secret door. I made this on a index card so I could easily make a deck of these as different floors in the dungeon as well. I've also thought about using this as a vertical dungeon as well. Just an idea I'm throwing out into the ether.